About us

I have been buying/selling/collecting since the later 1970's.  Form having brick and l=mortar antiques stores to flea market to eBay in the early years I have done it all.  

Due to health problems in October 2021 I have been forced to seek alternate sources of income.  Starting out with garage sales behind the red barn in early summer I have now migrated into the barn and am selling on eBay and Amazon as well as in the barn and now with my own s=website.  

I'm not trying to get rich, i am just trying to get by in life and pay the bills.  I buy cheap and sell cheap (reasonably priced).  I am not looking to sit on products but to do a fast turn over.  A junk wholesaler if you will. 

Follow us on Facebook  (Behind The Red Barn) to see when we are open for in person sales and to see the new stuff we have available.  (Most things can be shipped even if they are not listed on the website for sale).